Madison County High School

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 MCHS Hospitality Here at MCHS we strive to serve as a resource... to families, teachers & staff……… to connect, contribute & create. These things can only be accomplished by volunteerism of parents, encouragement of teachers and students, and community involvement; while keeping the welfare of students faculty and families in mind. The parents, teachers and friends that so desire to support the MCHS Faculty and Staff are encouraged to continue providing “Hospitality Type” functions (meals, snack days, etc.). The activities will be supported solely by volunteers with no exchanging of funds or dues of any kind. Notifications of events and the desired support will be announced through the MCHS website / Tiger Paw Newsletter. The desire is to continue these events at least quarterly (as deemed necessary with special events, etc.). Please send an email to the below address and provide your contact information so you can be reached for future “Hospitality” Events.